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More Or Less


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Mark Lessman - Tenor Sax
Rob Whitlock - Piano, Synth, B3 #2,3,4,5,6,9
Charlie Chadwick - Fretless electric bass
Duncan Moore - Drums
Kiko Cibrian - Guitar #1,2,5,6,7
Tommy Aros - Percussion - #1,2,3
Warren Wiebe - Vocals #3
Mark Shapiro - Guitar #4
Todd Hunter - Piano #7
Mike Peed - Keys #1,8
Kevin Koch - Percussion #3
Jeff Bristol - Background vocals #3
Recorded at The Studio in San Diego in 1989
Mike Harris - Engineer
Bernie Grundman - Mastering
Produced by Mark Lessman

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This is a collection of tunes recorded at the late great Greg Lawrence's home studio with Greg Lawrence on piano and Charlie Chadwick on Bass in the summer of 1998.  We just played these tunes live with no second takes and no rehearsal and plenty of silly fun.

These are from a 1994 session at Steve Yates studio in Chicago with Jeremy Kahn on piano - George Fludas on Drums and Dennis Carrol on bass. Another live session but this time with an engineer.

This is a demo from 1993 of some original music with Rob Whitlock on keyboards and Kevin Koch on drums. Todd Hunter wrote and played keyboards on the pieces with his name.  This was all pieced together over a period of time as a demo for my second cd which never happened.

These tunes were recorded for a work demo around 1985 with Steve Christie, Larry Moore, and Ricky Gilbert. Steve produced this and sings Muddy Water, oh and is playing bass.  Larry plays keys and sings Morning and I will be there for you.  Ricky plays drums.  This little demo got us a lot of work for a few years and the tune, More or Less which is an original of mine became the title track of my CD at the top of this page.  Steve and Larry are no longer with us making these recordings all the more special.